The Health Innovation Technology (HIT) Challenge is a nationwide contest for healthcare professionals to submit  competition entries that identify real healthcare problems and present solutions that are innovative, engaging and sustainable, contributing to the Smart Nations Initiative in Singapore.


For teams submitting for the challenge, please take note that the solution must demonstrate at least one of the following characteristics in Phase 2:

(1) Application of one form of Game Technology*  and/or

(2) A Gamification** Approach in the Solution


  • In Phase 1 of the Challenge, each Team will submit a concept which details the cause and scope of the healthcare problem and proposes a possible technology solution.
  • Teams with accepted concept submissions will move on to Phase 2 where they will enlist the support of a Technical Support Team using the technologies made available by the corporate IT companies to create a prototype of their solution to participate in a live round of judging at the Semi-Finals (to be held on 18 August 2016).
  • The top 10 teams from the Semi-Finals will move on to the Finals (to be held on 23 September 2016), where they compete for the top three prizes.
  • Winning teams will receive cash prizes and grants to develop their prototypes into proof of concepts.


* Game technologies includes sensors, wearables, real time data analytics & modelling, visualisation, autonomous machines, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interface innovations such as natural language processing, advanced gesture controls or real-space virtual reality or brain control interfaces.
** Gamification is about using game technologies such as game engines for development and applying game mechanics to non-game activities with the intention of making these activities more engaging. Typical game mechanics includes the use of level-gaining, badges and achievements to build interest and maintain engagement with users.

The competition theme for 2016 is

Moving Towards Better Healthcare Enabling, Education and Efficiency

The Organisers are looking for teams to:

  • develop or design apps/games/solutions in health and wellness for healthy individuals or a specific category of patients.
  • propose sustainable solutions that could engage the user and enhance their experience (ie, “make life easier”); or improve the quality of professional healthcare practices.
  • propose solutions in transportation, energy or manufacturing in the healthcare industry. Solutions that enable cities and communities to improve services, promote productivity, and enhance the quality of life of its population (or patients).

Because many of today’s community development efforts are isolated and customized projects, HIT Challenge 2016 aims to encourage community collaboration. This challenge will help communities benefit from the experience of others to improve efficiency and lower health-related costs.

Healthcare professionals with limited design and technical background are brought together to work with tech-savvy students/ IT-startups with limited understanding of healthcare. The combined skills is further supported by corporate partners providing innovative tools/technologies for the teams to incorporate in their prototypes.

The objectives of the Challenge is to:

  • Facilitate partnerships and inter-connections among healthcare professionals, technology innovators and corporate partners, to identify and solve problems in the healthcare industry relating to disaster response, education, energy, environment & transportation.
  • Give participants the opportunity to contribute to the development of the Healthcare Smart Cities Framework

It is hoped that the HIT Challenge, jointly organised by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), the National Healthcare Group (NHG) and the Serious Games Association Singapore (SGA), will facilitate the co-creation of viable health and wellness solutions that can lead to happier engagement and healthier outcomes.