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About the Company

Apple Seed is a leading venture accelerator incubating startups and scaling them regionally. Supported by Spring Singapore, our Growth Acceleration Programme (GAP) is led by leaders in the industry who together bring knowledge, expertise and start-up experiences.

Our team brings a cache of knowledge and know-how, network and connections into the venture capital and incubation space. We have also a mentor bank that will provide advice for your business regularly. The management team knows how to diagnose your business and provide solutions that puts you in a better position compared to your peers in the industry

Offering for the Competition

  • For the competition, Apple Seed will be conducting a Value Proposition workshop: Creating Products and Services that your Customers Want

Our value proposition workshop has helped over a hundred entrepreneurs to date. Value propositions are based on a bundle of products and services that create value for a customer segment. Entrepreneurs continuously use them to meet customer profiles. This one-day workshop will help you to build a prototype for your business. It will focus on three core areas.

Firstly, you will evaluate your customers and competitors. This will enhance your understanding on how to position and differentiate your company from others.

Second, you will analyse your own company, leverage on customer objectives and tap on growth opportunities. You will assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses, short and long term goals and shape your brand strategy.

The last area is on crafting your company’s value proposition. You will use the value proposition canvas to design, invent and improve on your company’s value propositions. Put the value proposition and business model to work to create a shared language of value creation in your organisation.

For competing teams to attend the workshop, more information will be provided closer to Phase 2.