Launch of Health Innovation Technology Challenge 2016

Briefing sessions will be held at healthcare institutions.

hit-schedule-18apr-xConcept Submission Deadline

At Phase 1, teams are to submit their concept papers which will be reviewed by a panel of judges.

Deadline extended to 30 April 2016



Notification of Acceptance of Concepts & Teams

Teams with concepts accepted will move on to Phase 2 of the Challenge & have 3 months to develop their prototype. Teams will be able to enlist Technical Support & loan technology from MNCs.

Presentation at Semi-Finals

Teams will present & demonstrate their prototype to a panel of judges. Top teams will be selected for the finals.





Presentation at HIT Challenge 2016 Finals

Top teams to present at the Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress 2016.



Phase 1: Idea Generation

18 February – 18 April 2016  extended to 30 April 2016

Phase 1 of the Challenge is meant for the healthcare professionals to form teams to submit concepts for review.  Each team should be made up of between two to five members from the healthcare fraternity. (see “Rules“)

Briefing sessions will be conducted at each participating healthcare institution where potential participants can be informed of the details of the Challenge, participation eligibility, rules and regulations.

Interested participants can then submit their concept paper for review.  Submissions are to be done electronically via this website.

A panel of judges* would review the submitted concepts and decide on which submissions to be accepted for Phase 2.  Teams with accepted concepts would be notified by 20 May 2016.

Phase 2: Protoyping

21 May to 18 August 2016

After notification of acceptance, teams would have three months to develop their concepts into prototypes (for devices/apps).  If the concept is a process, they would need to demonstrate it using a visual tool (e.g. PowerPoint presentation).

Teams can now invite in the Technical Support Team (TST) by enlisting up to 3 persons from the participating Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) or the startups from the IT industry to assist them in developing the prototype.

Details of the participating IHLs and startups with their core competence / experience would be made available to the teams.

In addition, networking sessions with participating corporate partners would also be organised to allow teams to get to know the available tools and technologies they can loan from these partners to incorporate in the prototypes. The tools and technologies are not limited to the participating corporate companies. CORE teams could source for their own technologies from other corporate companies.

The Organisers also plan to conduct optional and complimentary training sessions on game development and computer programming to further support the prototype development phase.

Semi Finals: Mentorship

18 August 2016

At the HIT Semi Finals, teams would present and demo their concepts to a panel of judges.  The judges would select the top teams who would then be invited to present in the finals. During the final preparation stage, each CORE will be matched with a venture capitalist to mentor the team. Each team will then prepare their final presentations at the Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress 2016.

Finals: HIT Challenge 2016

23 September 2016

At the HIT Finals, teams would present and demo their concepts to a panel of judges.  The judges would select the top three teams who would then be invited to receive their awards at the Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress 2016.