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TCAM logo smallAbout the Company

TCAM Technology Pte Ltd is a M2M/IOT technology provider for the past 15 years. Under our brand “TMAS”, we offer wide range of wireless telemetry products, ranging from system solutions to cloud platform. For many years, TMAS products have landed in many countries, with applications related to care at home, water and energy metering, wireless data telemetry etc.

As the founding partner of IoTAsia ( since 2014, we continue to invest heavily in IoT, smart wireless sensor network, smart analytic etc. We are migrating towards open platform, inter-operability, secured data, data portability etc, in compliance with various Singapore Smart Nation standards.

Technology Offered for the Competition

  • One set of TMAS IOT system

We shall make available one set of TMAS IOT system, for interested party to develop application related to elderly care. We shall offer one day attachment at TCAM R&D lab, and supervised by our technology experts.

The below system block is for illustration purpose. Depends on proposed application, wireless sensors can be integrated with TMAS T8000 smart IOT gateway, and accessible by various users.


Possible applications related to elderly care at home can be found at We welcome any innovation that is enabling our elderly in safe, healthier, and comfortable living environment.

For competing teams to loan the equipment, more information will be provided closer to Phase 2.